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Benifits of ArchiCAD 3D model and renders

Peregian Beach House - progress from concept to completion...on track and looking great. Shows the power of the design tools for visualisation in the conceptual design stages.

Cooee Bay House - Looking great

We have an amazing home that has just been completed by McElhenny Constructions Pty Ltd  The design of the home was complex due to the narrow block width of only 10m, plus two street frontages and a north western view. We loved the challenge and the design solution is not only very pleasing to the eye it also has some amazing living spaces and seamless flow. Why not check out some more pics on our Houzz gallery page Cooee Bay House

Coral Cove House

Progress on our Coral Cove House. Nearing lockup stage, solar panels have been installed and the buildings final form is taking shape, can not wait to see the building with the scaffolding removed.

Cooee Bay House progress

The scaffold is down on our house designed at Cooee Bay, under constrcution by McElhenny Constructions Pty Ltd. The bold cantilevered upper level dominates the buildings stance on the site. Now for the final stages of the building to complete the overall appeal we will have stacked stone entry, timber deck walkway soft landscaping.

The end of winter is in sight.....Do you have a winter escape, deck, courtyard or cosy room?

Sunshine House - Roof frame complete

Progress of our Sunshine Beach House. Roof framing is completed with the bold raw structure form of the building looking fantastic.

Coral Cove House

Progress of our Coral Cove House. The upper levels are taking shape the to building form and the raw structure form is looking amazing. We are very pleased with the home as it rises from the ground with the expert eye of Steve Coates from Coates Constructions the building is in the very best of hands.

Cooee Bay House - Progress

Our house designed at Cooee Bay has been progressing along nicely, under constrcution by McElhenny Constructions Pty Ltd. The upper level suspended slab has been completed and the garage roof deck slab prepared. The narrow site with amazing ocean views back to Yeppoon has proved a design and construction challange. The resulting building is an amazing building which floats and steps with the site. The finishing touches will add to the buildings articulated architectural appeal. Light and shaddows will play on the building fascade and creare a dramatic sense of space.

Arakoon House - Could this be your next home?

Another spectacular home that  we designed. Amazing location and a unique opportunity for you to own. The home is for sale with Tom Offermann. We wish the owners all the very best and for the lucky new owners the chance to call home an amazing home and what a location. Could this be your new home?

Sunshine House - Last of the screw piers

Hooray! The last of the screw piers have been installed........

Current building projects for 2013.......So far.....

Our currnet projects currently under construction in 2013.We have some great builders working away on our projects and look forward to sharing the progress of each home.

Arakoon House

Preview of our completed renovation to a beachfront house at Sunshine Beach. Classic white beach house with cantilevered entertaining deck, indoor/outdoor beach shower and the very best views on the Sunshine Coast.

Mooloolaba House

Some great shots of one of our latest homes. Built by Cleary constructions the home creates magical spaces that excite the senses. An amazing balance of warmth and character achieved in the home. We hope that the home can inspire you in your next home, or contact us to help you realise your our dream home. 

2010 Queensland Master Builders State Award Winner - Steve Coates Constructions

Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 QMBA awards. SBT Designs is proud to have been associated with Steve Coates Constructions for the Glass House residence. The award recognises the extreme level of detail in providing a building finished to an amazing standard. It is true credit to the builder and his team. The home has been awards the Best Individual Home $2.5m to $3.0m category as well as Best Outdoor Living and Landscaping (Homes).

QMBA Award winning House

Bargara beach house wins big for Steve Coates Constructions. Winner of the Master Builders 2010 Regional (Burnett Wide Bay) awards:

Best Kitchen
Best Outdoor Living and Landscpaing
Best Renovation/Remodelling Project over $401,000
Regional House of the Year

Congratulations to Steve Coates and his team for the completion of the home to exacting standards.

Bagara Beach House - Renovation

The house is situated in a unique location that required a careful approach in the planning and construction of the home. The existing home consisted of an irregular shaped double storey residence that sat beside a water course and on the door step of Baraga Beach. The beachside location is home to nesting turtles and required an extremely sensitive approach to the design and construction of the home.
Existing Home  - Early stages of demolition

Completed Home 

In order to minimse the site impact the additions to the home where designed to focus on added an addition storey and limit the overall site footprint. The reduction of the building footprint also ensured that a greater setback from the waterway and dune was able to be provided. In order to maintain and enhance the waterway the existing vegetation to the waterway was maintained and further enhanced with a clear spanning bridge and additional re-vegetation to the waterway bank. The native vegetation and additional vegetation were used to provide not only bank stabilisation but to further develop the existing native coastal vegetation.

The construction of the home was performed as best practice with sediment control barriers in place during all stages of the construction works through to the completion of the landscaping and other water control measures.

The initial demolition works were carried out in a delicate manner in order to salvage and recycle as much of the existing building as possible. Where building materials were not able to be re-used the waste materials taken from the site were separated and elements such as steel and timber were recycled in order to reduce the environmental impact of bulk land fill. The works carried out in the demolition and during all phases of the construction engage local trades and building material suppliers to further reduce the overall buildings carbon footprint.
As for the design of the building, the planning consideration undertaken for the building and the site were focused on the assessment of the site’s local climatic setting. The extreme marine exposure became not only a material selection issue but also a consideration in the function of the home and its occupants. The design of the pool and outdoor social spaces allows for the outdoor living to take place in all weather conditions. The simple addition of separate outdoor living spaces allows for the eastern deck space to be utilised for the perfect aspect to capture the morning sun and lighting the kitchen spaces. The large gas strut servery window allows for the seamless integration of the kitchen and outdoor living. Should the weather turn nasty the sheltered north western deck can offer the perfect retreat away from the south easterly winds.

Control of the breeze path through the building is a breeze with the installation of large opening and louvre windows to allow for a dedicated control of the building ventilation. The separate living / art studio zone on the second level offers the sweeping view both over the waterway and out to the beach through the filtering of the coast Casuarina trees. The master suite located on the upper 3rd level provides the ultimate space with access the prevailing breezes. With these pods being only one room wide the easy of cross ventilation is achieved and controlled with large panels of louvre windows. The addition of the viewing balcony on each level further enhances the connection with the external environment.

As with clear breeze paths provided through each room the building is also packed full of bulk insulation to all roofs and external walls which collectively provide a thermal comfort level to reduce the buildings requirement on artificial heating and cooling. The provisions of solar hot water heating to further reduce the buildings operation cost and environmental impact is completed with a hot water ring main. The ring main is used to reduce any lag time and reduce the water loss suffered from traditional hot water systems. Sensors to the bathrooms trigger the pump that circulates the hot water ring main and allow for instant hot water at the fittings thus limiting the water running time. Water collection is another feature of the home. The offers an impressive 35,000L water storage tank which is fitted with dual filters and a UV stabilizer and automatic mains back up should this ever be required.

The construction of the swimming pool and spa was carried out to ensure that the filtration system was to be as efficient as possible. The pool and spa are calibrated with the yearly seasons to ensure that the chlorination and run times are optimized to ensure that excessive power consumption does not occur. The pool operation times are reduced during the winter months to compensate the reduced solar exposure. Programmable systems were used to run the pool operation and designed to operate on a calendar and 24hr clock to ensure correct function during the required daylight hours.
Lighting systems for the house were required to be custom designed to ensure that the environmental impact to nesting turtles was nonexistent. Programmable lighting was used in the design to minimise the impact of the artificial lighting effects on the marine turtle nesting along the Wongarra coast. The lighting has been programmed to dim the lights to 50% strength, and turn some lights off completely 1hr after sunset and resume normal operation 1hr before sunrise during the October to April nesting season. Turtle friendly low pressure vapour lights for outdoor lighting was used and positioned plus shaded to reduce light spillage.

Whilst the home offers the very latest in automated design and features, the home also creates a sensual experience that excites and stimulates you as you pass through each and every space of the home. Even in providing the very best in materials and finishes the environmental impact has been reduced with clever design, careful construction and site management to create wonderful space to live, work and play.
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